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Dicotyledoneae (Dicots)
Gentianaceae (Gentian Family)
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Not Listed
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State Ranking Justification

There are 5 verified occurrences, 11 historical occurrences.

Short-term Trends

Very few plants at the single site.

Conservation and Management


Little threat due to isolation of the occurrences.



In New York Spurred Gentian occurs on calcareous cliffs, ledges, and outcrops in cool (often shaded) micro-climates. All of the known, extant sites in the state are along rivers (New York Natural Heritage Program 2011). Moist to wet, cool woods, bogs (Haines 1998). Cedar swamps; woods and thickets of spruce, fir, cedar, less often pine and aspen; frequently in springy, mossy places and often especially common at the borders of coniferous woods (as along shores); occasionally in fens and borrow pits (Voss 1996). Moist or wet woods and bogs (Gleason and Cronquist 1991).

Associated Ecological Communities

  • Calcareous cliff community (guide)
  • Calcareous shoreline outcrop (guide)
  • Limestone woodland (guide)
  • Riverside ice meadow (guide)

Associated Species

  • Carex buxbaumii (brown bog sedge)
  • Carex flava (yellow sedge)
  • Carex hystericina (porcupine sedge)
  • Climacium
  • Cystopteris bulbifera (bulblet fern)
  • Dicranum
  • Fragaria vesca
  • Graphephorum melicoides (melic-oats)
  • Houstonia caerulea (common bluets, Quaker-ladies)
  • Lobelia kalmii (Kalm's lobelia)
  • Mnium
  • Prunella vulgaris
  • Scapania
  • Symphyotrichum undulatum (wavy-leaved-aster)
  • Thuidium
  • Thuja occidentalis (northern white cedar, arbor vitae)
  • Triantha glutinosa (sticky false asphodel)


New York State Distribution

East central New York to the Delaware River.

Identification Comments

Best Time to See

The best time to see Spurred Gentian is when it is flowering, in late July or August.

  • Flowering
  • Fruiting

The time of year you would expect to find Spurred Gentian flowering and fruiting in New York.


Spurred Gentian
Halenia deflexa (Sm.) Griseb.

  • Kingdom Plantae
    • Phylum Anthophyta
      • Class Dicotyledoneae (Dicots)
        • Order Gentianales
          • Family Gentianaceae (Gentian Family)

Additional Resources


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