Ecological Community Guides

Type Common Name Scientific Name
C Acidic Talus Slope Woodland Acidic talus slope woodland
C Allegheny Oak Forest Allegheny oak forest
C Alpine Krummholz Alpine krummholz
C Alpine Sliding Fen Alpine sliding fen
C Alvar Pavement Grassland Alvar pavement grassland
C Alvar Shrubland Alvar shrubland
C Alvar Woodland Alvar woodland
C Appalachian Oak-Hickory Forest Appalachian oak-hickory forest
C Appalachian Oak-Pine Forest Appalachian oak-pine forest
C Backwater Slough Backwater slough
C Balsam Flats Balsam flats
C Beech-Maple Mesic Forest Beech-maple mesic forest
C Black Spruce-Tamarack Bog Black spruce-tamarack bog
C Bog Lake/Pond Bog lake/pond
C Boreal Heath Barrens Boreal heath barrens
C Brackish Interdunal Swales Brackish interdunal swales
C Brackish Intertidal Mudflats Brackish intertidal mudflats
C Brackish Meadow Brackish meadow
C Brackish Subtidal Aquatic Bed Brackish subtidal aquatic bed
C Brackish Tidal Marsh Brackish tidal marsh
C Calcareous Cliff Community Calcareous cliff community
C Calcareous Pavement Woodland Calcareous pavement woodland
C Calcareous Red Cedar Barrens Calcareous red cedar barrens
C Calcareous Shoreline Outcrop Calcareous shoreline outcrop
C Calcareous Talus Slope Woodland Calcareous talus slope woodland
C Chestnut Oak Forest Chestnut oak forest
C Cliff Community Cliff community
C Coastal Oak-Beech Forest Coastal oak-beech forest
C Coastal Oak-Heath Forest Coastal oak-heath forest
C Coastal Oak-Hickory Forest Coastal oak-hickory forest
C Coastal Oak-Holly Forest Coastal oak-holly forest
C Coastal Oak-Laurel Forest Coastal oak-laurel forest
C Coastal Plain Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Coastal plain Atlantic white cedar swamp
C Coastal Plain Pond Coastal plain pond
C Coastal Plain Pond Shore Coastal plain pond shore
C Coastal Plain Poor Fen Coastal plain poor fen
C Coastal Salt Pond Coastal salt pond
C Cobble Shore Cobble shore
C Cobble Shore Wet Meadow Cobble shore wet meadow
C Confined River Confined river
C Deep Emergent Marsh Deep emergent marsh
C Dry Alvar Grassland Dry alvar grassland
C Dwarf Pine Plains Dwarf pine plains
C Dwarf Pine Ridges Dwarf pine ridges
C Dwarf Shrub Bog Dwarf shrub bog
C Eutrophic Dimictic Lake Eutrophic dimictic lake
C Eutrophic Pond Eutrophic pond
C Floodplain Forest Floodplain forest
C Floodplain Grassland Floodplain grassland
C Freshwater Intertidal Mudflats Freshwater intertidal mudflats
C Freshwater Intertidal Shore Freshwater intertidal shore
C Freshwater Tidal Creek Freshwater tidal creek
C Freshwater Tidal Marsh Freshwater tidal marsh
C Freshwater Tidal Swamp Freshwater tidal swamp
C Great Lakes Aquatic Bed Great Lakes aquatic bed
C Great Lakes Bluff Great Lakes bluff
C Great Lakes Deepwater Community Great Lakes deepwater community
C Great Lakes Dunes Great Lakes dunes
C Hemlock-Hardwood Swamp Hemlock-hardwood swamp
C Hemlock-Northern Hardwood Forest Hemlock-northern hardwood forest
C Hempstead Plains Grassland Hempstead Plains grassland
C Highbush Blueberry Bog Thicket Highbush blueberry bog thicket
C High Salt Marsh High salt marsh
C Ice Cave Talus Community Ice cave talus community
C Inland Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Inland Atlantic white cedar swamp
C Inland Calcareous Lake Shore Inland calcareous lake shore
C Inland Poor Fen Inland poor fen
C Inland Salt Marsh Inland salt marsh
C Inland Salt Pond Inland salt pond
C Intermittent Stream Intermittent stream
C Limestone Woodland Limestone woodland
C Low Salt Marsh Low salt marsh
C Maple-Basswood Rich Mesic Forest Maple-basswood rich mesic forest
C Marine Eelgrass Meadow Marine eelgrass meadow
C Marine Intertidal Gravel/Sand Beach Marine intertidal gravel/sand beach
C Marine Intertidal Mudflats Marine intertidal mudflats
C Marine Rocky Intertidal Marine rocky intertidal
C Maritime Beach Maritime beach
C Maritime Beech Forest Maritime beech forest
C Maritime Bluff Maritime bluff
C Maritime Dunes Maritime dunes
C Maritime Freshwater Interdunal Swales Maritime freshwater interdunal swales
C Maritime Grassland Maritime grassland
C Maritime Heathland Maritime heathland
C Maritime Holly Forest Maritime holly forest
C Maritime Oak Forest Maritime oak forest
C Maritime Pitch Pine Dune Woodland Maritime pitch pine dune woodland
C Maritime Red Cedar Forest Maritime red cedar forest
C Maritime Shrubland Maritime shrubland
C Marl Fen Marl fen
C Marl Pond Marl pond
C Marl Pond Shore Marl pond shore
C Marsh Headwater Stream Marsh headwater stream
C Medium Fen Medium fen
C Meromictic Lake Meromictic lake
C Mesotrophic Dimictic Lake Mesotrophic dimictic lake
C Mountain Fir Forest Mountain fir forest
C Mountain Spruce-Fir Forest Mountain spruce-fir forest
C Northern White Cedar Rocky Summit Northern white cedar rocky summit
C Northern White Cedar Swamp Northern white cedar swamp
C Oak Openings Oak openings
C Oak-Tulip Tree Forest Oak-tulip tree forest
C Oligotrophic Dimictic Lake Oligotrophic dimictic lake
C Oligotrophic Pond Oligotrophic pond
C Open Alpine Community Open alpine community
C Oxbow Lake/Pond Oxbow lake/pond
C Patterned Peatland Patterned peatland
C Perched Bog Perched bog
C Perched Swamp White Oak Swamp Perched swamp white oak swamp
C Pine Barrens Shrub Swamp Pine barrens shrub swamp
C Pine Barrens Vernal Pond Pine barrens vernal pond
C Pine-Northern Hardwood Forest Pine-northern hardwood forest
C Pitch Pine-Blueberry Peat Swamp Pitch pine-blueberry peat swamp
C Pitch Pine-Heath Barrens Pitch pine-heath barrens
C Pitch Pine-Oak Forest Pitch pine-oak forest
C Pitch Pine-Oak-Heath Rocky Summit Pitch pine-oak-heath rocky summit
C Pitch Pine-Oak-Heath Woodland Pitch pine-oak-heath woodland
C Pitch Pine-Scrub Oak Barrens Pitch pine-scrub oak barrens
C Post Oak-Blackjack Oak Barrens Post oak-blackjack oak barrens
C Red Cedar Rocky Summit Red cedar rocky summit
C Red Maple-Blackgum Swamp Red maple-blackgum swamp
C Red Maple-Hardwood Swamp Red maple-hardwood swamp
C Red Maple-Swamp White Oak Swamp Red maple-swamp white oak swamp
C Red Maple-Sweetgum Swamp Red maple-sweetgum swamp
C Red Maple-Tamarack Peat Swamp Red maple-tamarack peat swamp
C Red Pine Rocky Summit Red pine rocky summit
C Rich Graminoid Fen Rich graminoid fen
C Rich Hemlock-Hardwood Peat Swamp Rich hemlock-hardwood peat swamp
C Rich Mesophytic Forest Rich mesophytic forest
C Rich Shrub Fen Rich shrub fen
C Rich Sloping Fen Rich sloping fen
C Riverside Ice Meadow Riverside ice meadow
C Riverside Sand/Gravel Bar Riverside sand/gravel bar
C Rocky Headwater Stream Rocky headwater stream
C Rocky Summit Grassland Rocky summit grassland
C Salt Panne Salt panne
C Salt Shrub Salt shrub
C Saltwater Tidal Creek Saltwater tidal creek
C Sandstone Pavement Barrens Sandstone pavement barrens
C Sea Level Fen Sea level fen
C Sedge Meadow Sedge meadow
C Serpentine Barrens Serpentine barrens
C Shale Cliff and Talus Community Shale cliff and talus community
C Shale Talus Slope Woodland Shale talus slope woodland
C Shallow Emergent Marsh Shallow emergent marsh
C Shoreline Outcrop Shoreline outcrop
C Shrub Swamp Shrub swamp
C Silver Maple-Ash Swamp Silver maple-ash swamp
C Spruce-Fir Rocky Summit Spruce-fir rocky summit
C Spruce-Fir Swamp Spruce-fir swamp
C Spruce Flats Spruce flats
C Spruce-Northern Hardwood Forest Spruce-northern hardwood forest
C Successional Fern Meadow Successional fern meadow
C Successional Maritime Forest Successional maritime forest
C Successional Northern Sandplain Grassland Successional northern sandplain grassland
C Summer-stratified Monomictic Lake Summer-stratified monomictic lake
C Talus Cave Community Talus cave community
C Tidal River Tidal river
C Unconfined River Unconfined river
C Vernal Pool Vernal pool
C Wet Alvar Grassland Wet alvar grassland
C Winter-stratified Monomictic Lake Winter-stratified monomictic lake